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Aussie band This Other Eden’s debut EP: unique and musically tight

This Other Eden

By Melanie Scrafton, Perth, Australia

REVIEW: This Other Eden – Six Seasons EP

This Other Eden

This Other Eden

What happens when you combine three musically talented brothers with accomplished bassist and an incredibly diverse vocalist – This Other Eden.

These boys have a plethora of previous experience in the Perth music scene having all been in other notable bands over the last few years.

Their debut EP Six Seasons was released at the end of January and has been well received by their growing legion of Perth fans. All five tracks are musically tight with instantly likable melodies that fuse the rock, punk & hardcore sounds into something quite unique and original. Lyrically they step beyond the generic writing that we are all bored of hearing, which makes the tracks more interesting. Vocalist John Kelly has strong vocal ability and performs live seemingly effortlessly. You can be confident that when you see the band live they are every bit as polished as the studio recording. The first single off the EP ‘Shake This’ has received great reviews from their fans, check it out by clicking on the link below. The EP is available on iTunes and I recommend you to listen, after that I have no doubt you will buy it.

Perth band This Other Eden formed in 2011 are John Kelly – Vocals, Grom Lofthouse – Guitar, Ando Lofthouse – Guitar, Benn Lofthouse – Drums & Luke York – Bass.

Described as Rock, Pop Punk

This Other Eden ‘Shake This’





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