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AU band Tangled Thoughts of Leaving creates eclectic vibe at Amplifier

Melanie Scrafton, Journalist and Nancy Mendez, Photographer–Perth, Australia

Venue: Amplifier, Perth, AU-Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Genre: Post-metal/Post-rock/Noise/Jazz/Gloom–July 10, 2015

Four piece band from Perth formed in 2004, TToL are Ron Pollard – Key boards, Andrew McDonald – Guitar Behn Stacy – Drums & Luke Pollard – Bass

I had the pleasure of hearing these guys 4 years ago for the first time. The effect they had then has remained with me right up this now. It’s hard to describe the journey their music takes you on. Intense doesn’t cut it, obviously its uniquely personal to the listener. They are instrumental rock, their music is progressive and emotional, to get in the zone you simply need to be there and concentrate. Let your body and mind drift along with what you hear. You will move through a range of emotion, you will feel the desperation, the elation, the frustration and the eventual satisfaction with each track. This type of experience is for the privileged few that can connect. If you get it – you just do. Recommended to anyone with evolved musical taste.

Set List



Yield to Despair




Discography –

Tiny Fragments – EP (2008)

Deaden The Fields – Album (2011)

Failed by Man and Machine – EP (2013)

Downbeat – EP (2014)

Yield to Despair – Album (2015)

 “Yield to Despair”




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