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Metal band Tempest Rising provides adrenaline-driven performance at Amplifier

Photo Credit: Nancy Mendez

By Melanie Scrafton, Journalist and Nancy Mendez, Photographer–Perth, Australia

VENUE: Amplifier–Tempest Rising, Genre: Metal-July 10, 2015

Tempest Rising are a five piece band from Perth that formed in 2012, they are Vin Trikeriotis – vocals, James Ward-Armstrong – guitar, Bill Mann – drums, Jarrad Cracknell – bass & Daniel James – guitar.

Tempest Rising 17Tempest Rising crashed onto the stage with the usual vigor and adrenaline-driven performance. These guys have very different personalities that compliment each other perfectly. Musically they are tight, well-rehearsed unit, James & Daniel taking turns to shine on guitar. The driving force is definitely front man Vin. Vocally this man is one of the most talented singers I have come across. He can perform clean vocals with the power and pitch of the most admired rock vocalists of all time. Then without missing a beat launch into screaming or growling supported by Daniel to give the band their signature layered vocal effect live as effortlessly as in their recordings. Their shows rock the house every time, with contagious energy. They will grow and they will be successful in this fickle industry because they have a band that is solid and determined.


Set List

No Remorse


  1. Banger (working title)

On borrowed Time

Know My Name (upcoming single)

The Descent





” The Devil in Me”




Discography –

Calm Before The Storm – EP (2012)

Dominion That Falls – Single (2013)

Wretch – Single (2014)

Devil In Me – Single (2014)

Transmutation – ALBUM (2014)





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