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Aussie band Regurgitator still fun and quirky

By Courtney Dabb, Sydney Correspondent

Venue: Manning Bar–August 29, 2015–Regurgitator

Rock At Night had the pleasure of seeing quirky fun rock band Regurgitator at the Manning Bar on Saturday night. The band, which formed in 1993, played most of their greatest hits including “Polyester Girl” and “I Will Lick Your Arsehole.” With cape flying and prancing, Quan Yeomans put on quite a show.  Even with the band’s longevity they still felt fresh and “full of piss and vinegar.”  You can see the photo highlights below:

Members: Quan Yeomans – guitar, vocals, sounds Ben Ely – bass, vocals, sounds Peter Kostic – drums; Genre: mixed; Home Town: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney


“Polyester Girl”

I Sucked a Lot of Cock”

“My Friend the Robot”

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Sydney Correspondent My entry into the photography world is purely an extension of my love affair with music. My entry into the photography world is purely an extension of my love affair with music. The first event I ever attended was the Big Day Out festival in 1992 as a 13 year old, catching the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop and local legends Tumbleweed. I caught the bug and just loved the indie scene. Some 20 years and countless gigs later I wanted to go from behind the barrier to behind the camera. Photographic residencies Include: The Manning Bar, Max Watts house Of Music and the Roller Den. Each venue sees a huge variety of local and international artists come through the doors making each shoot a unique challenge.
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