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Free gig goes down a Storm(s)


By Chris Patmore, London Correspondent

Storms are one of those bands that keep popping up on my radar, usually as a support act. Their brand of grungy indie guitar music is always energetic and, more importantly for me, they are photogenic. I always manage to get at least one standout shot. Their last London (headline) gig, which was to launch their new single Shame (available as a free download ), was cancelled. Ahead of their forthcoming UK tour, they had another bridesmaid slot supporting Superfood for a free gig at another of Camden’s iconic music venues, Dingwalls on 22 September.

It was a surprisingly young audience (there was quite a few tantrums and gesticulating when their ID was deemed unsuitable) that may not have been familiar with Storms sound, but in a set that was possibly the best I’ve seen them play, they certainly lived up to their name.

Superfood, who were clearly the main attraction, played a set made of crowd-pleasers and unfamiliar new songs. Their sound is more funky and recognisably Brit-pop (for want of a better description) than Storms, but no less energetic, and their was some serious moshing going on, much to the consternation of the photographers that were being buffeted against the stage by the waves of youthful enthusiasm.









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