Aussie garage rock band The Drones swarm into London

By Chris Patmore, London Correspondent

Venue: Oslo Hackney, London–November 10, 2015

Dividing into different genres is inevitable in helping to define taste and find something new to listen to, or to avoid. However, categorising music by geography is somewhat pointless. Nordic music, for example, covers everything from ethereal electronica to pop to the darkest metal. Australian music, or ozrock, is equally hard to define. For some reason, despite the high level of musicianship, very little of it makes it successfully overseas. The best-known rock exports, like XXXX beer, have four-letter initials: INXS and AC/DC, but like the hugely successful pop exports, such as Kylie, they are not really indicative of the best the country produces. A band such as Radio Birdman were definitely at the forefront of the punk movement, even before it was known as punk. A band like the recently reunited Cold Chisel, are virtually unknown outside their homeland, and yet they were one of Australia’s biggest bands that could fill stadiums with their version of blues rock.

The Drones are another example. Their sound encompasses garage and grunge, and one can draw comparisons with Pixies. After a hiatus, the band are back on the road, and their gig at Oslo Hackney in London on 10 November showed that they are still full of energy. The predominantly Aussie audience packed the venue to hear their heroes burn through a set of old favourites and some new songs. They may not have been breaking new ground, but they certainly smashed it with their set of awesome noise.

Support for the night cam from Bonfire Nights, who played a great set of guitar-led psychedelia.

The Drones are now on tour through Europe until November 21.


The Drones

Bonfire Nights












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