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Niall James Holohan brings his own style of new wave/Britpop to Hoxton Square

By Nathan Lucking, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, Hoxton Square, London-October 30, 2015

DSC_6035I’m primarily a metal man but I will not let it be said I am not willing to give most things a go (which as things go is pretty useful as a concert photographer). Go check out my if you don’t believe me.  You will see quite a variation of artists but predominately rock/metal.

Niall James Holohan’s blend of Britpop, mixed with a dash of new wave, space pop and trace elements of his numerous other influences creates a really friendly and welcoming vibe. The last time I saw Niall, he was playing the even smaller Barfly in Camden town. Even with the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen being a slightly larger stage, Niall and his band still managed to pack it out with about as many bodies likely safe enough to have on stage with instruments at any one time, which included two additional guitars, bass, drum and keys (with three sets of additional vocalists in there too).  It looked a little cramped to say the least – not that they let this show–in fact the compact environment seemed to spur them all on, just like the crowd at the last Niall show in Spring.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to watch the sound check before doors opened to the public. Niall and the band spent a lot of time fine-tuning the mix for an optimal sound, adjusting the on-stage mix and amps so they could all hear themselves . None of this effort was wasted on the crowd once they had filled the small room–all looked very happy and looking forward to having a dance and enjoying some good times with friends on this Friday night in Shoreditch.

The band played an hour long set with a selection of originals and a smattering of covers, including Bob Marley, which was a pleasant surprise as a fan of Bob Marley! I was not expecting Reggae but Britpop with vocoders and sound effects (there were plenty of those in the other tracks). Each and every song having its desired effect on the crowd, most notably when Niall introduced one of the last songs of the evening and dedicated it to “those not with us tonight” the mood in the room switch with that statement to one of nostalgia and loss It’s O.K. It was soon sunny and fun with the next track.


Niall Hames Holohan “New Wave (Is This Rock ‘N’ Roll?”

Niall James Holohan “Nobody’s Fault But My Own” (Beck Cover)




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