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The Black Heart Rebellion brings smoke and Zen to Podium Asteriks

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands Correspondent

Venue: Podium Aseriks, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands-January 22, 2016

The Black Heart Rebellion (aka THBR) is a band from Belgium, Europe. TBHR started as a kind of hardcore band, but in 2015 they released an album with a sound associated with ancient rituals. This is mainly caused by the tribal drumming and the use of some Eastern flavored instruments. The album title is taken from a death poem of a Zen monk: ‘People, when you see the smoke, do not think it is the fields they’re burning’.

TBHR is touring through Europe and last week the band played at the venue Podium Asteriks. This is located in the Blokhuispoort, a 17th century former prison in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Rock At Night was there and photographed the dark and smoky ceremony.

Members: Pieter Uyttenhove, Alex Maekelberg, Emeriek Verhoye, Valentijn Goethals, Tim Bryon, Tomas Lootens; Genre: Punk. Independent; Home Town: Ghent






Spotify-The Black Heart Rebellion

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