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Clark Kent’s Double A-Side Attack: Introducing Starsha Lee

By John Clay, Rock At Night Columnist-London

Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack

Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:

Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:

Rock At Night welcomes a new column called Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack.  Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay pounces upon bands he’s either just discovered at a gig or has stalked for some time. We are proud to host his weekly ‘Double A Side’ Attack where an ‘ambush’ video of an artist/band is accompanied by a music video showcasing their unique talent.

You can read more about “Clark Kent” in Rock At Night’s interview here.

Starsha Lee 2-1This week’s artist: Starsha Lee

Sounds like: What do they sound like: Dirty, scuzzy, wrong in a good way. Marmite vocals that will have people who love them mimicking Sofia in the shower like there’s no tomorrow.

Members: Starsha Lee – vocals. Sofia De Oliveira Martins-vocals. Crispin Gray – guitar; backing vocals. Steve Nightmare – drums. Michael Vakalis – bass guitar.

I don’t know what Sofia will do when she takes the stage. That’s a major part of the appeal of seeing a band, right? The danger. The surprise. Starsha Lee not only have a kick ass grunge sound, but their stage presence seems so effortless and unaffected to a point where Sofia’s bare breasts never communicates desperation. Sure, it’s sensational but the nucleus of their antics are not baseless/sensationalist. Oh, and thank god for fans like Justine Cartier Watkins who stage invade in a way that the band not only interacts with, but takes to a whole new level of seedy. Watch the video and see why Starsha Lee are my fav new find of this year bar none.





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