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Garage rock duo Icky Pack release EP ‘Creep’ at Neushoorn

Icky Pack

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen Correspondent

Icky Pack is a Dutch garage rock duo (guitar, drums, vocals) from Laaxum, the band released last week the EP Creep in venue Neushoorn at Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The duo describes their music as sexy, sleazy, lo-fi en loud. The guitar sound refers to rockabilly with a heavy rock touch. The drums provide a solid and raw basis for some songs they expand the duo to a trio with a baritone sax– which reminds me, in a good sense, to Mark Sandman’s band Morphine.

The mission of Icky Pack is to give the public an high energy awesome rock ’n roll show. RAN was at the release show and shot some footage.

Icky Pack is Jelmer Terwal (drums, backing vocals), Yorn Overwijk (guitar, vocals), regular guest Warner Stienstra (baritone sax).




The State I’m In

Parasitical Blues





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