Welsh band Tibet: beautifully crafted and clean pop melodies


By Desh Kapur, Photographer and Julie Hughe, Journalist-Manchester

Venue: The Night and Day Cafe-Manchester

The evening didn’t start to well with the performance of the nights opener.  I couldn’t tell you the bands name as they didn’t say– not that after a couple of mumbled tracks I much cared! Insipid, flat and lacking energy, they lost me and in my opinion most of the watching audience

Then the night then took a huge turn–if the first band underwhelmed me the second band did the opposite. ENTER STAGE RIGHT and everything that was missing so far was about to change.  Enter  the band WHITE ROOM Lead singer Jake, bandy walk and tambourine in hand, was amazing, electric and you couldn’t take your eyes of him–the band was tight, the songs strong with a Madchester groove. Hailing from Brighton and one of Soapboxes bands to watch in 2016, you could tell why, they took from the essence of Liam Gallagher and Oasis to Jim Morrison and The Doors combining it to give it their own spin, a class act indeed!  My stand out tunes “Freakin On” (this is a banger), “Back Again”, and “You’ll See”. Check these lads out on YouTube or down your local venue, just check em out!!!
Now, for the main event, the main course if you will, TIBET.  I was a little worried at this stage, we had come to see and review Tibet but I was completely blown away by WHITE ROOM.  Could Tibet keep it going and impress myself and the crowd of people now gathered in front of the stage? It was going to be a hard act to follow, but there was no need to worry –TIBET were the headliners and as it proved, deservedly so. They were more polished, confident, relaxed and having fun, engaging themselves and the audience. Joel Hertz lead singer had that Super Furry Animals thing going on (might have been the jacket)–but all in a good way. Joel Hertz  had a very smooth indie-pop voice in the likes of Ray Davies and Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals. The band was tight with beautifully crafted and clean pop melodies and the harmonies were spot on, taking in the all the best bits of the 90’s Brit pop sound– plus bits off the Kinks and The Beatles. I really like this band! Their effortless set included tracks like – “My Girl”, “See You Out Tonight”, “Prom Queen Kong”, and my personal favourite “Castaway”.
I spoke to the lads after the gig and they are hoping to get into the studio in the near future. I’d definitely advise the lads from Cardiff are well worth checking out and you won’t be disappointed.











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