Andrew Bird’s ‘Are You Serious’ tour brings joyful music to Royal Oak Theatre

Andrew Bird

By Haintso Rakouth, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

Venue: Royal Oak Theatre, Royal Oak, Michigan–April 14, 2016

Chicagoan Andrew Bird is known for being a multi-talented artist. He’s a songwriter,  multi-instrumentalist, and even a whistler that plays music influenced by a myriad of genres–Scottish folk music, bluegrass, classical, jazz, swing, rock–you name it!  Due to Bird’s eclectic nature, he updates and changes-up the mix, providing a unique show every time.  Some of his music has been featured in television shows and series such as Orange Is The New Black.  Bird was even the topic of a documentary called Andrew Bird: Fever Year, which followed the artist on

A few weeks ago, Bird’s latest album Are You Serious was released to high praise and he is currently on tour.  A lot of fans are happy, as well, since this is the first new album in three years. The reason for the hiatus is because Bird has gone through some life changing experiences–marriage, birth of his son, and his wife was diagnosed with cancer.  Some of the songs in the album are deeply moving and personal, describing his wife’s experience of undergoing cancer treatment, the change of his friendship with single pals after he married and started a family, and more.

Andrew Bird played at the Royal Music Theater on April 14th. The audience couldn’t wait to hear old and new songs from him. Right when the band opened with “Capsized” from his new album, the audience’s faces lit up with smiles, shocked faces (in a good way) and happiness could be felt in the air. Sing-alongs ensued when Andrew Bird played such faves such as “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left” and “Pulaski at Night”.

Andrew Bird is worth seeing live if you want to experience getting lost and feeling happy inside. Highly recommended!




“Left Handed Kisses (ft. Fiona Apple”


“Roma Fade”






Haintso Rakouth

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