Indigo Sky’s single ‘Don’t Walk’ leaves pleasant taste

buy cheap tadalafil online Posted on April 25, 2016 by Desh Kapur in Album Reviews, UK // 0 Comments

order viagra online By Desh Kapur, Photographer and Matt Craig, Rock At Night Manchester Correspondents generic sildenafil citrate no prescription REVIEW of Single: “Don’t Walk” by  Indigo Sky

Part of the point of a blind taste test is the mixture of anticipation and fear. At best you’re hoping for a touch of the familiar perhaps with an exciting new taste of the exotic. At worst you’re hoping to dodge a shit bullet and the onset of nausea. And so it is when the ears undergo the same experience.

Knowing little, bordering on nothing about Indigo Sky I donned the cans and to labour the metaphor fixed the blindfold and opened my mouth. My initial sensation was an airy intro riff underpinned by a full bass tone that took me to a warm, happy Cure place of yesteryear.

Some very nice shades of dark and light neatly sews the verse chorus structure together with Sean Davis’ voice and lyrical message growing in stature throughout.

“I hadn’t planned on letting go” – No one does Sean, no one does. And you believe him.

After this amuse-bouche the real taste bud kicker for me starts around the 2.40 mark. A moody, middle 8 crescendo into an outro with the titular lyric both imploring and genuine, all underpinned by some Killers keys & guitars. Tasty.

Blindfold off. Shit bullet well and truly dodged. I didn’t walk away boys. Indeed I pressed replay.

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