SOTO performs hypnotic and mesmerizing show in The Netherlands

By Petra Leusmann, Rock At Night Germany Correspondent

Venue: De Bosuil, Weert, Netherlands-April 15, 2016–Soto, Rain, Vanadine

Usually when I’m on my way back home from a show I often think about what to write in the review. Friday night it was quite a long way and I had about 90 minutes to get a summary but the only thing that came up to my mind was: “I’ll need to look up all the other words like amazing, awesome, brilliant, great in a thesaurus dictionary.”

Definition of awesome =

1. SOTO live 2. causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration

3. Slang: very impressive

Hell, yes, what a night!

I arrived at the venue straight in time, didn’t know what support act to expect. I’ve seen a few gigs lately when the support acts were amazing but some were also a bit of a torture.

When Italian band RAIN came on, I knew this would be an evening after my fancy. Why haven’t I heard of this guys before?  Raw metal, fast and loud. And from the female sight also acting with some (please, forgive me the cliché) typical Italian charm on stage. I couldn’t really escape.

Unfortunately, they had to rush back to Italy straight after the show. That’s why I couldn’t talk to them later.

The guys from RAIN had to be back for the release date of their brand-new album Spacepirates. Ok, that’s an excuse.  It seems to happen more and more often, we had a second support act.

Now it was VANADINE turn. The band is from Switzerland. And again, what a great surprise for me.  (Note to self: Do some work on musical/bands knowledge.)

Right now I’m listening to their album Liar while writing this– and it feels a bit like being back at yesterday’s show–which feels very good. They are also definitely on my list of bands want to see again. Pounding beats, fiery guitars, great vocals, very good performance on stage. Period.

Short before Soto were supposed to get on, axeman Jorge Salan had to face the problem, that the guitar amp wasn’t working. A quick change of the amp solved the issue and off we go.

Well, what can I say. Still not able to find the right words for what happened the next 2 hours or was it just 1 1/2 half hours or maybe even 3 hours. I really don’t know, because what took place there on stage was simply indescribable.

You might think I exaggerate, but from my point of view I don’t.

Still can quite make out what eventuated but I felt like hypnotised by JS Soto’s stage presence. He is like a magician and knows how to drag anybodies attention.

“Problem” was I didn’t know where to look at, such a lot was happening at the scene.  Bassist David Z later called “secret weapon” by Jeff, was truly a weapon.

Together with drummer Edu Cominato, the so called rhythm section, were throwing sharp and rapid and tough beats back to us. But actually the whole band is a weapon. BJ and Jorge on guitars were delivering one vivid guitar riff after the other, BJ also on keyboards. And Jorge, is a real guitar wizard. Standing right in front of him I could see his fingers flying over the strings as it was the easiest thing in the world. His playing blew me away.

And the master JSS himself, passionate, meaningful, thrilling vocals, delivering a perfect show. Plus this guy is also hot. Hard to take my eyes of him.

But all these words doesn’t meet the requirement to Soto’s show. Maybe I can give you a little impression when you look at the photos and listen to the new SOTO album Divak.

Whenever Soto will play somewhere near you’re area, I can only urge you to go. And than you’ll believe me.  At the end of the show everyone and everything got out of control, Vanadine were pulled on stage and they left us with a medley, a big happening and party on stage, another one beyond words.

Now back home trying to find a short summary.  I’ve seen a lot of shows in my life, but I can’t think of even one that left me like the one yesterday. It was a big, magical show, metal as it finest, great fun, stunning musicians. When seeing Soto live on stage you run the risk to get sucked into the whole thing and not being released for a while. And you’ll love it.

I had a perfect night out. Thank you guys! Hope to see you soon again…

(Another note to self: check Soto’s tour calendar)






SOTO-“Freak Show”









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