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Jordan Allen, Vitamin, and The Magic Gang: a triple treat at Sound Control, Manchester

The Magic Gang

By Desh Kapur, Rock At Night Manchester Correspondent

Review: Sound Control, Manchester- April 28, 2016-Jorden Allen – Vitamin and Magic Gang

Now I’m not one for conspiracy theories but, getting to this gig made me think again about JFK and the moon landing! How can a pizza delivery man on a scooter, traffic and annoyingly late people do this to me! …and do this to me they did, when I missed the first band, the mighty, yes the mighty Jordan Allen. A man I apologise to profusely here and a man I can honestly say, hand on heart, is a true star who everyone (including me on time!) must see at their earliest convenience. …like now!

So arriving late and with the knowledge of missing Mr Allen, I ventured into a packed, energetic room that was hiding nothing in respect to enthusiasm and sound. Although I had also missed the first three songs of the set, VITAMIN had already whipped the crowd into pseudo rock star adulation, including the obligatory reaching of hands and yelps of rock and roll praise. Having previously heard and liked a lot of their recordings, it was great to see them live, producing a set that was harder and edgier and threw in shadows of 1975 and the 80’s, rolled into a clean, crisp indie rock/pop sound. Throw in a tight band, a singer with a great voice and charisma to match and you have a rock show that is classic in its feel and real at the same time, topped off with a spontaneous rush onto the stage by an excited and appreciative crowd.

After that came THE MAGIC GANG, a band I have been looking forward to seeing for a long time and happily I wasn’t disappointed! The band and the crowd were having too much fun, and with their mixture of American College Rock and Brit Pop , who could blame them? Music that was the love child of Weezer and Blur brought up on a diet of Beck and Sonic Youth, just couldn’t fail and it was awesome! The band rocked, the crowd rocked and I with everyone else were left wanting more! A truly memorable bill, three amazing, committed bands and music that actually make you sit up and listen. More please! And thank you…but next gig, I’m seriously going to leave home earlier to avoid pizzas, traffic and human tardiness. ..wait a minute…great name for a band!










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