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Denner / Shermann release video for new track ‘Son of Satan’

By Joel Barrios, Rock At Night Miami Correspondent

Denner / Shermann has released a new video for the track “Son of Satan“, taken from their upcoming album, “Masters of Evil”, out June 24th via Metal Blade Records. The video was filmed, directed and edited by Owe Lingvall, animated by Konstantin Smirnov, and shot at Studio 1646 in Umea, Sweden. Based loosely on the movie The Omen, the song and video deliver an ominous dose of heavy metal music and imagery. You can watch the full video at the end of this article


We chose this song to be the first video because musically, it is a song that really captures the entire essence of what this band is becoming,” Michael Denner comments. “The lyrics are also very vivid, and it fills your imagination with dark, sinister images and visions that Swedish director Owe captured perfectly.” “Shooting this video was a great time, and I felt that all of us being together there, bonding as a band during the filming process, was important and something I will always remember,” adds vocalist Sean Peck.

“Masters of Evil” contains 8 new Denner / Shermann tracks that continue right where the EP, “Satan’s Tomb” (2015), left off. Building upon the musical foundation of “Satan’s Tomb”, these songs cover the entire gamut of heavy metal nuances and take the listener down a mysterious path where tales of dark, supernatural fantasies are told, transporting you to places that can only be found in the most vivid, and blood curdling nightmares. Fully loaded to satisfy the old fans with just what they would expect, “Masters of Evil” is also injected with menacing, sinister, new surprises that could only come from the sonic DNA of Michael Denner and Hank Shermann.

Hank Shermann started playing guitar in March 1977. His first ever concert was July 28th 1978 with the band called Brats. Michael Denner then joined the band and they released an album in 1980, six month later the band broke up. Mercyful Fate came to surface in early 1981, when singer King Diamond joined the band, starting a new breed in heavy metal music. Shermann started to compose Mercyful Fate’s music, which later became classic songs for the band. “Evil”, “Satan’s Fall”, “Curse Of The Pharaohs”, “Black Funeral”, ”A Corpse Without Soul” and “Desecration Of Souls” to name a few. Mercyful Fate recorded their legendary Albums “Melissa” & “Don’t Break the Oath” in 1983 and 1984.

The album cover for “Masters of Evil” was painted by Swedish artist Thomas Holm, who also created the artwork for “Satan’s Tomb” – and who is very well known amongst fans for his standout pieces over the past three decades! The vintage sound on the new record harkens one back to the days of 2 inch tape machines, long nights in dark studios, and huge consoles glowing under dim incandescent light. Once the guitars hit your ears, the unmistakable trademark guitar sound of Michael Denner and Hank Shermann is instantly recognized. Prepare yourself for a heavy metal thrill ride!

“Masters of Evil” track-listing:

  1. Angel’s Blood
  2. Son of Satan
  3. The Wolf Feeds at Night
  4. Pentagram and the Cross
  5. Masters of Evil
  6. Servants of Dagon
  7. Escape from Hell
  8. The Baroness


  • Michael Denner – Guitars
  • Hank Shermann – Guitars
  • Sean Peck – Vocals
  • Snowy Shaw – Drums
  • Marc Grabowski – Bass

“Son of Satan” video:





Denner / Shermann online:








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