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Terry Ilous of Great White teams up with PledgeMusic

Photo by Steven Neff

Great White frontman Terry Ilous is collaborating with PledgeMusic in bringing his new CD to fans

Photo by Steven Neff

Photo by Steven Neff

What is PledgeMusic? PledgeMusic brings the fans together with their favorite artists to embark on a musical journey together for the purpose of recording new material. PledgeMusic describes its function as bringing “artists and fans together like never before. After all, why just download a track, when you can be part of making it?”

The PledgeMusic site allows people to pre-order music, merchandise, and special offers and with the money artists are able to finish their projects, create, market, and make their merchandise. If the project doesn’t reach its goal, it’s shut down and no charges are made to the fans, as well as no new CD.

As Terry puts it, “I am excited to announce that I’m currently in the studio working on a new semi-acoustic CD with some very special guests. I have teamed up with PledgeMusic which allows you to pre-order my new CD, along with very ‘limited edition’ merchandise, allowing me to create & promote the CD. With PledgeMusic I will be able to bring you the kind of quality recording I want to make along with very limited merchandise, and behind the scenes glimpses you will not be able to find anywhere else! Be a part of the experience and pre-order now!”

“Stay Tuned! New merchandise will be added throughout my PledgeMusic Campaign! This is a limited promotion & will be over in 8 weeks. Many of these items and the lowered price on my CD’s is only for the duration of the campaign! And once something is gone, it’s gone!!! Get your pre-orders in now!”





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