Finsbury Pub: a night of dark moody post-punk heaven

Terminal Gods

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: The Finsbury, London – August 12 , 2016–Terminal Gods, FEHM, Gun Dogs & Weird Sex


As I arrived FEHM was already playing. This band definitely caught my attention with their sound and performance. Leeds-based Post punk goth band lead singer/guitarist Paul Riddle, virtuoso  drummer Christopher Lodge , and bassist Amy Fishlock pushed their sound to the limits–very extreme raw energy.  Great job, guys! If you get the chance to see them on their next gig, I can only recommend that you take the time to check them out! You will not be sorry!



Photo Gallery-FEHM

Terminal Gods 

Terminal Gods,  a North London-based post punk band was celebrating their fifth birthday by giving their fans a gift by releasing a new compilation CD – Outlaw Love: Five Years Outside The Law . Also, the band played a free concert at The Finsbury for all to see.
Surreal mist conjured the band and the lighting in the venue totally emphasized this ambience. Well, the show started when the whole room was completely swimming in gloom.  We could not see their faces, as they were obscured–only if one could manage to get less then three feet close could an image be revealed. The dark figures playing on a stage, rendered with colorful light beams, gave a surreal feel to the whole performance (also making it hard to focus my camera, ha) worth the experience.

The crowd was happily celebrating their favorite band who rewarded the audience at the end by playing extra songs. It was a great show with a special sense for those who where there. A really special show!

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Photo Gallery–Terminal Gods


Weird Sex

Weird Sex punk band had an embossing presence which included the astounding behavior of lead singer Joey performing weird-funny stuff on the stage. The audience could expect the unexpected  since ,indeed, everyone became involved in the antics.  At the end of their last song the bandleft the stage -following the lead singer – in an unusual way spectacularly through the crowd and straight to the lavatory. That was a first!



Photo Gallery–Weird Sex


Gundogs is a Leeds-based PostPunk / Goth band. Just a quick description for this band would be: two guys, two guitars and a synthesizer made band with a muted performance but a vibe of a big band.




Photo Gallery–Gundogs


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