Hotei releases video of edgy new song featuring Iggy Pop


HOTEI_jacket_1008-600x595Hotei’s debut album Strangers is out and Rock At Night is loving what we are hearing!  The songs really reach into various genres (industrial, Texan blues, groove, hard rock, melodic metal) and make really nice ear candy. Hotei is a veteran to the rock music scene in his native Japan (60 million records sold) but this is is first international release–and boy, what a nice piece of pie.

Hotei received helped from “friends” such as Iggy Pop, Richard Z. Kruspe (Emigrate/Rammstein), Matt Tuck (Bullet For Your Valentine), Texan-born bluesy singer Shea Seger, and Noko from electronic music pioneers Apollo 440 to create this well-engineered, upbeat, and eclectic masterpiece. Hotei previously joined forces with artists such as David Bowie, Andy Mackay (Roxy Music), INXS, Blondie and Joni Mitchell, he also performed with The Rolling Stones on their 50th Anniversary tour.

The video is stunningly filmed and follows a man’s nocturnal journey through the seedy back streets of Tokyo, lured by the bright lights of temptation which you can watch at the link below. We’ve also got a great clip of Iggy talking about the track and working with Hotei  where he explains, “I tried to put myself on a late night brightly lit Shinjuku street, feeling alone, sexually vulnerable and a little bit angry… a little bit horny…”

Rock At Night’s review of Stranger

Baloise Session 2015 mit IGGY POP. Photo Dominik Plüss / 24. October 2015

Baloise Session 2015 mit IGGY POP. Photo Dominik Plüss / 24. October 2015

Hotei – Walking Through the Night (featuring Iggy Pop)




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