Passing along the flagon of rum, Skinny Lister gives Philadelphia an unforgettable night!

Skinny Lister

By Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek, Rock At Night Philadelphia Correspondent

Venue: Fillmore’s Foundry, Philadelphia–November 10, 2016

Lorna of Skinny Lister and Andrea Ramirez
Lorna of Skinny Lister and Andrea Ramirez

UK’s Skinny Lister graced Philadelphia once again with their ever so fabulous chic presence and wild alluring antics. The band played at the Fillmore’s Foundry on Thursday night in support of their new album, The Devil, The Heart, and the Fight which was released in September. Remaining true to their aesthetic, the band continues to create their perfected darling and raucous, folk-punk sound we all love. The band is on the American leg of their tour following a completely sold out UK tour.

Unless you attend a Skinny Lister show and personally get blown away by one of their live performances, you will not understand how heart warming and sincere their shows really are. Arriving at the venue, people were already packed in front of the stage. Everyone was having a pre-show great time as the people in the crowd were chanting some of the songs with cans of beer on hand. When the lights went down the anticipation grew louder as the guys and gal from the band hit the stage. Band members include brother and sister Max, and Lorna Thomas, Dan Heptinstall, Michael Camino, Sam Brace, and the latest member of the band Tom Mills, which was added to the lineup two years ago as the band’s drummer.

_skinny-lister-184a7810-ranOpening the show with the song “Wanted”, the first track from their latest album, the band began the night with non-stop energy and enough chaotic madness to make for an unforgettable evening. The night was definitely a big drinking party as the fans were feeling no pain. Lorna, in her lovely blue floral vintage dress blowing kisses to the crowd, leaning over to give hugs, passed along a flagon of rum for the entire audience to share. Mike Camino, whose signature move throughout the night is twirling and throwing his double bass up in the air came flying toward the audience as he body surfed, with double bass on hand. Following Mike body surfing was Lorna, who was carried out to the back and then back to stage again as people were still chugging rum from the flagon. At one point Lorna climbed over the stage and started to dance with the audience. As I was reaching down to the camera, Lorna grabbed me and started to dance with me. As she went around dancing from person to person she gladly posed for selfies and hugs.

After a draining political week following the results of our election, the band said that it was a very interesting time for them to be in America. They asked the audience to forget about everything and to have a great time because it was time to come together. A great time was had indeed by everyone, including myself, and it was nice to forget about what was going on in the world for two hours. The band made sure everyone had a great time. Out of all the bands I have seen this year Skinny Lister gets a thumbs up as the band most connected to their fans. Their connection is not only seen with the audience but it is also seen within each other, including their tour manager Jenny whom Lorna gave a great shout out to. This close connection with themselves and without a doubt with their fans, is what makes this band extremely successful. I am glad to finally see Skinny Lister perform live. They have been a huge buzz for the last few years and I am a bit late to join their party. None the less, Skinny Lister will undoubtedly continue to create a huge buzz as they continue the rest of their American tour.






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