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Leaves’ Eyes leaves Orlando in ashes

Leaves' Eyes

By Steven Neff, Rock At Night Orlando Correspondent

Metal warriors Leaves’ Eyes pummeled the House Of Blues Orlando Friday night with an eleven song assault that, in spite of a major lineup change earlier in the year; proved that Leaves’ Eyes would continue to conquer every city they lay siege to.

With the departure of Liv Kristine from the lineup in early 2016, many fans wondered how the band could remain a commanding presence on the metal stage after over a decade of dominance. Enter Elina Siirala, Finland’s metal princess, whose stunning vocals erased any doubt that Leaves’ Eyes could not only forge a new path for itself, but could also dominate the future they’ve destined for themselves.

With Leaves’ Eyes, you’re taken back to ancient times on a musical journey through symphonic sagas and melodic legends that culminates into an epic concert experience.

Shortly before Leaves’ Eyes took the stage, band mastermind Alexander Krull talked to us about the band’s new life with frontwoman Elina Siirala, the new EP Fires in the North, next year’s North American tour, and an upcoming new album. You can catch our exclusive interview with Alex HERE.

The band was at the end of their 2016 North American tour in support of Sonata Arctica. Leaves’s Eyes was an excellent complement to Sonata’s melodic style and in 2017, they’ll be bringing the Fire from the North back to the states with Sabaton.

But in Orlando, that fire was already burning before Leaves’ Eyes took the stage. This band has a strong fan base, evidenced by the loud response that came from the supporting family of metal from the floor. Alexander Krull sees fans as his extended metal family and made mention of this during the show. Krull invites fans to enter into the lyrical experience of a time long since passed, but which comes alive during the Leaves’ Eyes concert.

The crowd erupted as the band took the stage. It was as if you could hear the clanging of swords and the call to battle, in a metal sort of way. And Leaves’ Eyes weapon of choice? Elina Siirala’s voice. There have been bands that have made a lineup change at the frontwoman position. Some have worked, some haven’t. Alexander Krull’s choice of Elina Siirala was a brilliant move for the future of the band. Backed by Krull’s formidable vocals and the band’s impressive guitar and drum work, Leaves’ Eyes proved to be another one of those bands that make you feel like you’re in an IMAX movie theatre, experiencing music at another level. Bravo.

Since Leaves’ Eyes will be coming back to conquer North America in 2017 with Sabaton; those of you who have not had the Leaves’ Eyes concert experience, we suggest you start making plans to do so.

Listen to Rock At Night interview with Alexander Krull


  1. Intro-Blue (Atmosphere)
  2. Halvdan The Black
  3. My Destiny
  4. The Walking Eye
  5. Swords In Rock
  6. Edge Of Steel
  7. Take the Devil In Me
  8. Fires In The North
  9. Sacred Vow
  10. Blazing Waters
  11. Haraldskvaedi

Band Line-up:

Elina Siirala – Vocals

Alexander Krull – Vocals

Thorsten Bauer – Guitar, Bass

Pete Streit – Guitar

Joris Nijenhuis – Drums

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Special thanks go to Publicist extraordinaire Dustin Hardman and Tour Manager Sami Hauri for making our Leaves’ Eyes concert coverage a memorable one. Thank you gentlemen for being those rock stars in the shadows.

Thanks also go to Leaves’ Eyes for not only bringing a great concert experience to Orlando, but enabling us to take it to your fans through the medium that is Rock At Night Magazine.


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