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AA & the Doctors bring their ‘Floozy Man’ tour to Groningen

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands Correspondent

Venue: Martini Plaza, Groningen, The Netherlands

AA & the Doctors. AA stands for Appie Alberts, age 70, living in The Netherlands.  Profession: musician, writer, PhD in chemistry, he invented a kind of biodegradable plastics.  Some people call him the ‘Bukowski of rock ’n’ roll’. First gig: in 1979 with AA & the Doctors, at a party of the Hells Angels, and he ’s still on tour with his band. He plays mainly in local venues and on festivals and his slogan is ‘Rock and roll is made on the road’. Dutch journalist Herman Sandman wrote a biography about this cult figure.

Appie Alberts is tenor sax player and vocalist in AA & the Doctors. The style of the band is a mix of jazz, blues, 50ties rock ’n’ roll, some country and rock. AA & the Doctors is famous in the Dutch underground and alternative scene. Last year the band released the album Floozy Man and they are doing an album-tour. RAN shot AA & the Doctors, with the remarkable frontman, at a festival at Martini Plaza, Groningen, The Netherlands

AA& the Doctors is: Appie Alberts (sax, vocals), Remko Wind (keyboards, backing vocals), Klaas Post (guitar, backing vocals), Alex Luttjeboer (guitar, backing vocals), Gerrit Veen, (bass), Peter Walrecht (drums, backing vocals)

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