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UK Subs: full speed ahead in Simplon again

UK Subs

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands Correspondent

Venue: Simplon, Groningen, The Netherlands

In 2017 a venue named Simplon, at Groningen, The Netherlands, exists 40 years now. The former factory of raincoats, was squatted by artists, musicians, and youngsters. In cooperation with the city government Simplon became a youth center in 1978 with a stage, where mainly punk bands performed. One of the bands which performed at Simplon in the early 1980’s was the UK Subs. This band has been around approximately 40 years, and last weekend they did a great job in Simplon again. Okay, they were a little older, but it was still full speed ahead. The audience in front of the stage was moshpitting, crowdsurfing and stage diving like in the punk era.

This concert was the fire start of a year of celebrating Simplons anniversary.  This RAN-photographer actually saw the UK Subs perform 40 years ago–but did not carry a camera at the time.  This time, I certainly had one to capture this momentous occasion!

UK Subs is Charlie Harper (vocals, harmonica), Steve Straughan (guitar), Alvin Gibbs (bass), Jamie Oliver (drums)



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In 1979 ( Poor sound quality but still COOL)






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