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Dispossessed and Neurosis in Sydney: raw, political and rocking


By Courtney Dabb, Rock At Night Sydney Correspondent

Dispossessed, a deeply and overtly political band made their presence felt the moment they took to the stage. Dressed in a black trench coat Birrugan Dunn-Velasco is a vocalist whose passion is clear to see. An intense performer with an energy that only comes from drawing upon such sensitive and painful issues that indigenous Australians live with on a daily basis. Pausing mid set to address the crowd about such matters and encouraging everyone to stamp out racism wherever it may occur, it was a sentiment sorely lacking in modern performance and reminding us all of the power of music and how to engage with a wider audience.

Neurosis were back on Australian shores after last playing here in 2014. A sold out show, a testament to the enduring metal act whose legion of fans has spanned three decades.

Scott Kelly playing more of a support role this evening, it was left to Steve Von Till to tear it up on stage. Ripping through Lost, The Web, A Shadow Memory and Takeahnase Steve lead the charge from the opening line through to the end of the night. Working the keys and looking hard as shit isn’t an easy task but Noah Landis killed it. Rocking back and forth and putting the keys stands through their paces, Noah brought an energy that provided some real fun for punters crammed hard on stage right. A growling set that left no spectator disappointed. The avant-garde metal turned sludge pioneers offered a master class in how to evolve a sound that takes its listeners on the same journey the musicians have traveling on for nigh on 30 years.

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