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Metal band CÉU EM CHAMAS offers free download of first single


By Dio Dawes, Rock At Night Brazil Correspondent

REVIEW: Single “Gritos e Sussurros” by CÉU EM CHAMAS

Background on band:  Formed in 2013, CÉU EM CHAMAS maintain a strong hardcore influence along with many others to create an intense heavy sound without any borders. Their debut EP ‘Sopro da Destruição’ hit mosh pits in 2014 and was later followed in 2015 with their single ‘Lutar’. Now set to release their 2017 album ‘Infernal’ produced by Bruno Cestari (EGG) and recorded at Black Stone Studio, CÉU EM CHAMAS is offering fans a free download of their first single ‘Gritos e Sussurros’ at the following link: 

There’s an unwritten, but loudly outspoken, law that goes something like “Thou shalt not sing hard rocking and metally stuff in anything but English, infidels!”. It’s not set in stone, though, maybe leather, who knows? But as the great American artist, Vin Diesel, once said in that movie about fast cars shot in Rio de Janeiro, this is Brazil (dramatic pause).
Céu em Chamas, which translates to Burning Skies for you English speaking folks, is a young band for year 2000+ standards. They’ve been around for 3 years now and got one EP and two singles under their belt. About to unleash some really heavy growling along with their first full length album, the song “Gritos e Sussuros”, Portuguese for “Screams & Whispers” (That’s really metal, come on…) is what they have to offer, first hand. The guys don’t stray too much from what you’ve come to expect from a heavy, hardcore influenced, groove metal band. Was that too much? Too many labels in one phrase? Sorry, that’s their fault. In the band’s official photograph they literally wear those influences on their sleeves. There are Iron Maiden, Ramones and Rage Against the Machine shirts to be seen in that picture! That’s some rock eclecticism right there. But can we hear that in the sound, you say?

Well, they’re heavy and they can groove, I’ll tell you that. All the ingredients are there, the drum intro had my headphone’s crackling a little bit, always a good sign, guitars are low, heavy and get into some really cool duets (That’s the Iron Maiden shirt talking), the bass is tight and the dude can really scream. I mean, I’m Brazilian and I had to keep getting back to the lyrics they sent in the media kit to get most of it. I’m not 100% sure, but words like “insanity”, “evil”, “freedom” and “torn” are definitely maybe there, and they sound good. If you can get past that lyrical xenophobia (I think I just invented this), you’re bound to get a good four and a half minutes worth of some heavy south American rock. What? Like you really understood all the words Chuck Schuldiner screamed back in the day? Press Play, people. Cheers!

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  1. Bravo!!!!!

  2. Sonzera de responsa…muito bom trabalho!!!

  3. Sonzera de responsa…muito bom trabalho!!!

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