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Daya channels Madonna at Busch Gardens

By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Busch Gardens, Tampa

Or is it Ariana Grande? I’m going with the original, because the outfit was definitely Madonna-inspired. Now before someone goes all ìwhat difference does the outfit make, you never mention men’s outfits,î I’ll note that as of yet I haven’t written about anyone whose outfit would get my attention walking down the street. I did make mention of a guy’s hair a couple of times, when it stood out, so I’m going to do the same about outfits (male or female) that get my attention.

And Daya’s was intended to do that, though it also made a statement about a social issue, in a very ironic way ñ and that’s impressive! You see, you could just dismiss it as just another pop tart wearing a skin-revealing sequined bikini top, except the breast cups were also eyes ñ a reference to the oft-heard complaint by well-endowed women that ìMy eyes are up here!î So this is a reversal, almost like she is asking you to look at them. Okay, no almost about it!

Along with some social commentary concerning equal rights during her between-songs chatter, and her all-female band, you can tell there’s more going on than the usual in her head ñ though the music and lyrics include the typical teen angst about relationships, ìSit Still, Look Prettyî rejects the notion that all women have are their looks, or that they need a partner to complete them.

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