Plaid Brixx started gaining fans 21 years ago–and made a bunch more in Tampa!

Plaid Brixx

By Brent Michael. Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: The Orpheum, Tampa–March 30, 2017

Plaid Brixx

Plaid Brixx started gaining fans 21 years ago!   I’m going to let the lead guitarist and singer’s former teacher, Patti Preves, start this off:

Chris Duggan of Plaid Brixx was in my first grade class in Wayzata, Minnesota.  He and his parents were an absolute joy to have in my first grade family—-caring, supportive, funny, smart, talented and so full of joy.  After first grade, they moved to Ohio.  Over the years we have continued to exchange Christmas cards with little notes updating what’s been going on during the year.  About a month ago I got a letter from Chris’ dad inviting me to last night’s concert.  I live a little over an hour away so I gladly accepted the invitation. I was totally blown away by Chris and Plaid Brixx—so much energy, great lyrics and instrumentals. Of course, for me, it was marvelous to see Chris all grown up and witness his passion and talent for music. I was proud of him all those years ago and continue to be proud of him today.

Plaid Brixx

And how did I end up talking to Patti and her friend Debbie? I made a mistake, I assumed the were “band moms” because they were taking photos before the band started playing! But it just goes to show that the band really started 21 years ago, when Patti  also a flutist recognized and encouraged talent.

Of course, Chris along with bandmates Mark LeRose (Drums) and Jared Sawaya (Keys)  has gathered many more fans since then, as was amply demonstrated by the large crowd that cheered, screamed, and loved them, as Chris jumped, ran, lay down, and even did a handstand. I have only two complaints about their set: 1. It was too short, a sentiment shared by the crowd, and 2. It’s very hard to get photographs without blur when the lights are low and the subjects are so energetic!

Plaid Brixx is touring with their good friends We the Kings, along with Brightside and Cute Is What We Aim For, and if you have the chance, they are all worth seeing!

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Brent Michael

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