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Sue The Night guides the audience through their ‘Wanderland’

Sue The Night

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands

Venue: Club Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands

Sue The Night

Sue The Night is a six-member band centered around the Dutch singer/songwriter Suus de Groot. Last two weeks the band did a release tour for the album Wanderland in The Netherlands. The sound of Sue The night is a mix of a little 60s, electronic pop, some folk, and a little rock. Some people associate it with bands like Arcade Fire and Fleetwood Mac.

On stage Sue The Night uses traditional bass/drums/guitars in combination with instruments like a violin, mandoline, percussion, keyboards and samples. The band guided the audience through different mystical spheres of ‘Wonderland’. RAN caught Sue The Night in club Vera Groningen, The Netherlands.

Sue The Night is: Suus de Groot (songwriter/vocals/guitar); Thijs van der Klugt (guitar, production); Matthijs Barnhoorn (violin/mandoline/vocals/samples); Tobias Ponsioen (drums/samples); Nana Effah-Bekoe (bass/synthbass/vocals); Simone van Vugt (keys/samples/vocals)

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