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AVATARIUM – Hurricanes And Halos Out Now!

Hurricanes And Halos Out Now!

This is an album of soundscapes rather than technical wizardry and should finally see AVATARIUM take the next big step unto a wider arena. Epically brooding and yet further reason for me to up sticks and move to Scandinavia.” (10 out of 10)
POWERPLAY (UK), David Thrower

“The album as a whole was an incredible experience from start to finish, going well beyond technicality or even music to pure audio pleasure of the highest degree. Indeed, the genius of Leif Edling knows no bounds.“ (5 out of 5)

“When Jennie-Ann sings, she sings with such passion and richness that you can’t help but listen [and] this is most definitely her best performance. In Marcus Jidell, AVATARIUM are blessed with one of the very best guitarists that I know of. His style is not to belt out lightning fast lead runs or to show off with fancy gimmicks. Instead, he has a grace and elegance that means that he can convey an emotion or a thought with one carefully crafted note or a series of well thought-out chords.”

The storm has reached the shore and AVATARIUM‘s third full-length Hurricanes And Halos is now out! So far, the Swedish doom sensation received spectacular reviews and several 10/10 ratings and was voted “album of the month” by some of Europe’s leading magazines:

METAL HAMMER (D) #1 album of the month
SWEDEN ROCK (S) #1 album of the month
AARDSCHOK (NL), #1 album of the month
ROCK HARD (F) #1 album of the month
SCHWERES METALL (D) – album of the month (9,5/10)
THE METAL GODS MELTDOWN – album of the month (10/10)

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“Into The Fire / Into The Storm” official lyric video:
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Trailer #3
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Once again, AVATARIUM rely on beauty and darkness, heavy guitars and fragile sounds,  unique female vocals and the mystic vintage blues sound from the 60s, while still staying on modern ground and trusting into the haunting soul of doom rock. Six out of the eight new tracks were forged by CANDLEMASS wizard Leif Edling, but guitar master Marcus Jidell and singer Jennie-Ann Smith also contributed to the songwriting and formed a worthy successor to The Girl With The Raven Mask that topped multiple soundchecks in 2015 and brought them the ‘Up And Coming’-award from German Metal Hammer.

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