Bad Touch kicks off Camden Rocks Festival with fire

Bad Touch

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Bad Touch at KOKO London Camden Rocks Festival 03 06 2017 by The Gig Cartel

Bad Touch

Bad Touch is a five-piece Norwich based rock band with a recognizable style that Rock At Night (RAN) has been following for awhile.  Bad Touch was also one of the opening acts at this years Camden Rocks Festival in London.

The guys started on stage at 2pm sharp.   Front man Stevie Westwood said to the audience, “How you feelin’? Everybody drunk yet? Yeah!  Is it two o’clock? Weeird!” This pretty much says it all!

People were arriving to the venue where immediately they were hit with sheer rock ‘n’ roll, a perfect warm up for a rock fest!  The audience was very well receptive as Bad Touch began to play.  The mood was smelling hot, with ripping guitar solos one after another and tearing drums, and there was no question the band was on fire.  The venue was spacious and totally fit the music they played.  I can’t believe how good they sounded and they are considered a young rock band with eight years on the circus floor, which is quite remarkable.  Bad Touch has everything that a ‘feel good’ rock band should sound like with songs like “99 %,” or “To All Our Lies,” or “Down,” or “Heartbreaker Soulshaker”,  which are personal favs.  I just like to discover new songs – as a newbie to their music –going through their tunes, which sometimes bring me back to the classic 80s.

Bad Touch

Watching their show list they are ahead of not only a busy Summer but a whole year touring the UK with King King in June,  Kentucky Headhunters in October, and Mollie Marriott in November. They won’t have any trouble with making new fans if they keep the looseness they showed at Koko.

Yeah, it felt too early for them to be playing, to be honest, but who made it there to see them had a blast for sure–well at least I did!

Rock At Night’s interview with Stevie Westwood



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