Joseph J. Jones gains news fans after smashing performance in London

Joseph J. Jones

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London-June 20, 2017 – Joseph J. Jones

Joseph J. Jones

Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen provided a great place for having Joseph J. Jones on their playlist. The audience was composed of various age ranges from young to the elder ones, which clearly shows how widely he is known already since his first sold out show few months back in London.

The gig started with the catchy tunes of “Stay”, my current fave. What a magnetic voice! Gives the feel that whatever this guy sings with his voice can only be a feast to one’s ears. The amount of voice energy that leaves his mouth is incredible, and he also seems to to control it very well, giving the right amount of power from song to song. With his straight easy going style, “We love you Josie” was often heard  from the audience background. The audience was grateful and one could hear long streams of claps after each song.

Accompanied by his two musicians, an mpc (music production controller) and keyboard player, who painted the right background for making the band sound complete.  Jones’ raw, clear, honest, voice totally filled the night, with a message that easily touched everyone in the audience.

The hit “Gospel Truth” closed the night with a great ovation. Presenting his fellow artists and saying͞, “I am Joseph J. Jones, this is Gospel Truth. Thanks very much” and with a modest bow.”  The evening was time very well spent, thank you!


Set List


The Dirt


Put the Word Out

The Video

Kanye (Blood Lockdown)

Whisper to a Hurricane

Speaking in Tongues

Broken Bones

Gospel Truth

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