By Rosine Alleva, José Oliveira, Journalist/Photographers–Rock At Night France



JOE SUMNER is no other than STING’s son. He did the opening act alone on stage with his guitar. He joined his father later on backing vocals! The physical and the voice similarity are striking!!! What a wonderful family!

Joe Sumner

Joe Sumner exchanged a few words with the press before the concert
Is it a risk to play solo?
JOE SUMNER– Before I used to play in a noisy band because I was too shy to put myself forward. Yes, it is a risk, but at the same time, it helps me to be more receptive to the audience. Actually my main project is to share my lyrics directly in a stripped bare style that best suits my artistic sensitivity.
How would you define your music?
JS– I love Jeff Buckley and my ambition is to make music with the same emotion and intensity.
Are you planning to release a solo album?
JS– Yes, this will probably be in January 2018.

STING’s concert was just phenomenal!! The audience had to wait three decades to see him perform at the theater but it was worthed! STING is a legendary artist who didn’t lose anything of his charisma, emotion and his voice is still so captivating! For his last «57th and 9th» french date tour, he delighted the Colmar crowd.


For their great pleasure, his first fans sang along most of THE POLICE hits (Roxanne, Message in a bottle, Every Breath you take, Walking on the Moon…). Accompanied by the guitarists Dominic Miller and his son Rufus Miller, an accordionist and two backing vocalists, one of them being his son, Sting again involved the audience on the great «I’m an English man in New York». He ended this magic concert singing a duo with his son «Shape of my heart». STING is a real genius, with timeless elegance and performing at a very high level. The Colmar Festival will keep this magnificent memory forever!

Laura Pergolizzi, under the name LP, this New York singer with shaggy hair, androgynous look and hoarse voice provided the Music Festival with an impressive performance. Before knowing success this artist lived years of fighting and loneliness. She already released three albums and wrote songs and shared her talent for artists like Rita Ora, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera. It’s her fourth studio album, Lost on You, that really launched her solo career putting her on top of the charts. VOGUE US even compared her to BOB DYLAN ! Her indie pop, alternative rock and her charism conquered the crowd of Colmar. She even came down the pit for a moment, joining the fans to sign a few albums. Playing guitar, harmonica, whistle (better than a bird), added to her impressive voice could only enchante the public who sang along LP last title “Lost on you”. Seeing this energy on stage, this wonderful artist has everything for a huge and lasting success.


After her show LP answered a few questions
The fans threw many presents on stage, is it usual?
LP– Yes, I always carry an extra empty suitcase to bring it all back !
How do you feel when you sing your hit “Lost on you” ?
LP– I wrote it at a difficult time of my life. I smile now, thinking it might help others in trouble.
Isn’t it impressive to write for big names like Rihanna ?
LP– I’m always nervous at a studio session for someone else, especially RIHANNA, like the the first day at school as kid.
You opened for PIXIES tonight, are you going to tour solo ?
LP– Probably next spring but first I want to go to Paris. I love France, particularly the south.
I can see myself later living in France with my fiancée !


THE JACQUES are four young musicians from Bristol. Their provocative style reminds the young Pete Doherty. And it’s not surprising that in 2014 they were discovered by the Libertines and signed by the drummer Gary Powell. The Jacques were the supporting act for the Libertines, the Kills or Feeder. Fin and Elliott O’Brien, Will Hicks and Harry Thomas would like to play more often in France and hope to come back as headliners. Meanwhile they were very happy to be the opening act for PLACEBO at the Festival. Already very welcomed in our country, they were expecting a great evening.

Fin O’ Brien – The Jacques

The singer arrived in a pink suit and they were all very confident! Unfortunately they had technical problems, their nonchalance didn’t really please the audience. It’s a bit sad because those four cockney young guys have potential and many projects, a new single in September and an EP a bit later. Those will be better days for sure !


Playing in front of 10,000 people after having performed in the main venues of the area is a beautiful experience that will mark them forever. They’ve gradually attuned their craft and style, building a solid foundation with some great concerts at the Guitar Temple «Woodstock Guitares» in Ensisheim. And it is also where they chose to do two days residency to prepare this exceptional event under optimal conditions. With a rock full of promises, it shouldn’t take too much to make it to the «big league»! And this invitation to open for The INSUS was a perfect opportunity, a step up for the band! It was time to enter the stage, the feeling of playing in front of such an audience was quite impressive! GEORGES, YANNICK on guitars, GILBERT on bass and ENGUÉ on drums, these gifted musicians just brilliantly played a full hour set.

Miriam & Georges – Mud Dogs

MIRIAM sang track to track with her captivating soul voice and dynamic style throughout the show. The band enchanted the ten thousand people crowd!! MUD DOGS took their first big walk on the Rock Wild Side!!





Selected from their six albums back catalog, the most devastating big hits PIXIES chose to play in Colmar were mainly from” DOOLITTLE” and “HEAD CARRIER” albums.
“Where is My Mind” opened their set and the band played 31 songs all night long including 2 covers, “Head On” (The Jesus and Mary) and “Winterlong” (Neil Young).
The stage was really dark and the sound too loud. It was quite unusual to see the singer Black Francis in a really cool outfit, without his usual glasses and his black suit!! Was it a casual summer wear for a punk afterparty??
One of the great expectations of this concert was to know if the new bassist, PAZ LENCHANTIN, could ensure her role because after firing KIM DEAL and KIM SHATTUCK (former bassists) Francis had even confirmed in the specialized press that they didn’t know how to play !! After two KIM, Peace (PAZ) is finally back !!! Peace and Love ? Peace for sure, Love ? Let’s wait and see !


PIXIES are well- known for not talking much and playing one song after the other. But that’s their uniqueness and the reason why the fans appreciate them. Anyway in the 90’s the band was also part of David Bowie’s favorites. The Pixies were in great shape in Colmar, it’s a a pity they didn’t come to the press conference because we had many questions to ask them.


PLACEBO performed at the MUSIC & WINE FESTIVAL for the third time. The tour “A Place To Us To Dream – 20 Years of Placebo” is celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary. The communication between the audience, BRIAN MOLKO and friend Stephan OLSDAL showed from the start the attachment the Alsatian fans dedicate to the band. One of the most successful moments of this 2017 program was the background magnificent visual montage with the best musical moments of their career, including the original unveiled video “Every You Every Me”. The band offered a great mix of old classics but also some of their newer titles. They started with “Pure Morning”, the sound was absolutely stupendous and with the power of the guitar riffs, “Devil in the Details”,”Exit Wounds” were the highlights of the show. All was very well orchestrated as the musicians were regularly changing instruments, playing violin, bass, guitar or piano.

Brian Molko – Placebo

Followed by more romantic moments with “Too Many Friends” or “Protect Me From What I Want”, this one sung in French. Minutes of emotion were added with videos in the background of Brian MOLKO and his friend and music legend David BOWIE, on “Without you I’m Nothing”. It’s with the fantastic cover of Kate’s Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” that PLACEBO finished their set. It was an impressive performance and it was great to see that passion for the British 90’s music still shines.

After the show, to celebrate the success of this 70th edition, the sky was illuminated by wonderful fireworks !


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