Review: UK’s 80s Rewind Festival–Day One

Thriller Live

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

REWIND FESTIVAL: Temple Island Meadows-Henley-on-Thames–August 18th-20th 2017


The 80’s were here for a couple of days for the possessed fans past weekend.  Thanks to the latest REWIND festival which is growing exponentially around the world, being the biggest 80’s festival in the world, I had the privilege to report about this frenzied weekend insanity. After Rewind Scotland and Rewind North this meant to be the third, pin down part of the line for the summer of 2017.

Henley On Thames gave home to REWIND SOUTH festival which is a very bracing holiday maker place along the shore of Thames river with luminous boats around and plenty of green all that not far from bubbly London town.

And if you attended you could see not only the stars that made it shiny but people dressed in various costumes according to the fashion of the period. Yeah, I’ve seen Freddie Mercury queuing for beer while talking to Baron Munchausen and Supergirl was flying around wearing her hottest ever red skirt– and believe me I am not a smoker. Brought to life Barbie dolls with boxes included were hanging around with Madonna in her dreaded eighties variation.

Gloria Gaynor

Mr. Motivator did some quick warm up the talented dancers of Thriller Live enhanced the mood. Big Country gave in after than Sugarhill Gang, Ft Grandmaster, Mele Mel & Scorpios, Furious 5 tapped into it. Than Level 42 swinged by to give space for the funny Dr & The Medics. Musical Youth was on his mettle while Imagination Ft Leee John was dancing around with lusty energy. Tom Robinson told us his stories and later Nick Heyward bit his guitar. Legend Nik Kershaw took his place afterwards. And not much later, the Village People totally cooked the fans. The night ended with Gloria Gaynor’s majestic voice and presence.

And the the story went along with wonderful melodies! Those kinds of melodies one might whistle while walking away home watching the starry sky with a big smile on the face and and maybe holding some loved one’s hand with all that fireworks in the heart. Thinking of Nik Kershaw’s ‘I Am The One And Only’ or ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’, Vilage People ‘YMCA’ , or Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ just to select a few what come into my mind, however the list is endless. Well, this is how those sweet 80’s happened, or at least this is how we like to remember those 80’s days on the Pop side.

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