Review: UK’s Rewind Festival-Day Two

Jilted John

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

REWIND Part 2– Sunday 20th of August

Kim Wilde

The second day of the REWIND SOUTH festival had a lot to say with its incredible line up. The Christians opened the second day with their soul inspired hits followed by The South aka The Beautiful South’s performance with their iconic pop hits like ‘Don’t Marry Her’. Jamaican born British Junior Marvin spiced up the palette with his sheer reggae music. Followed up The British Electric Foundation showcasing a variety of different musical artists like Rozalla ‘Everybody’s Free’, Owen Paul, one of my favourite of the time Kim Appleby, Jilted John, Glen Matlock and Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory’s performing their classic songs with an electronic spin. Finally all presenting with great enthusiasm George Michael’s “Freedom” remembering the late iconic singer-songwriter.

Go West

The adorable appearence of Sonia freshened up the fans mood with her bubbly personality, followed by hit maker Go West including in their repertoire amongst many the popular “King Of Wishful Thinking” the soundtrack hit of popular Hollywood movie Pretty Woman. Pop icon Belinda Carlisle with her uplifting pop-rock singles wheeled the momentum making the audience almost completely forget about the light rain in the background. Powerful guitar riff player Midge Ure ramped up next with “If I was” and other magical hits. Kim Wilde returning to the Rewind’s stage multiple times by popular demand heating up the stage with a voice which seems  like haven’t changed at all in the cruise of time.

Status Quo reached the stage fighting the ever unbearable rain didn’t seem to stop the band performing in front of their fanatic fans being over six thousand live shows seemed like nothing could stop them not even the British rain. My lenses however got wet and let me do some blurry shots of the band.

Yep, the rain added a kind of sour end to this other ways wonderful festival. It was a captivating  experience seeing that many stars sharing the same stage in a short amount of time. As many around me just noted it was one of the most relaxed festivals giving a worthy remembrance to the dreaded 80’s Pop frame of mind.


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