Tampa welcomes Mumford and Sons with open arms

Mumford and Sons

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Amelie Arena, Tampa–September 20, 2017

Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons came on the U.S. scene around 2009/2010 at a time when we desperately needed a break from auto-tuned voices, electronic-enhanced harmonies, techno beats, and mundane, repeated choruses.  I remember the first time I turned on Alt Nation (which, truthfully, “alt music” is an edgy name for “the other pop music”), I heard the voice of Marcus Mumford singing “Little Lion Man” with its distinct, raspy texture, before the sound of guitars and a banjo pleasantly roared in. Since I attend a lot of Celtic festivals, it made me think of the rip-roaring, fun music I hear there. But, wait!  Did I hear the word “fuck” in the song? Now, that’s cool! This wasn’t your grandpa’s Americana band. In fact, they are not even American!

Since then, several Grammys and numerous other awards, Mumford and Sons have won the hearts of the world with their candid lyrics, upbeat tempos, and shall I say “real, earthy” music. I was so happy to hear the band was finally going to make a stop in Tampa, Florida—a needed reprieve from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Hiss Golden Messenger

Mumford and Sons arrived to a very happy and welcoming crowd in Tampa.  The first band of the evening was Hiss Golden Messenger, another Americana/country rock band hailing from North Carolina. The band is fronted by MC Taylor and supported by various musicians.  They were the perfect opener to get the crowd in the “folk party” mood.

Now, for the big arrival of Mumford and Sons. Typically photographers shoot photos of the first three songs but tonight we were told to sit out the first two since it was too “dangerous” to be in the pit during the songs. Some kind of spectacular effect was going be launched so we were gifted with seeing the first two songs which consisted of “Snake Eyes” and “Little Lion Man”.  Truthfully, I was in awe of the huge stage set-up with two drum kits, keyboards, stand-up bass, banjo, guitars and even a small horn section. I was mesmerized by the energy of Marcus Mumford (vocals/guitar), Ben Lovett (vocals/keys), Winston Marshall (vocals/banjo), and Ted Dwane (vocals/bass), and Tom Hobden (fiddle). Mumford’s voice sounded even better live than on the CDs.  There were moving lights and lots of frantic playing on the stage during “Little Lion Man” in which the audience filled in the gaps for the chorus.  All of a sudden, cannons filled with confetti shot out into the audience and trickled onto the crowd.  It was a joyous, explosive touch to start off the concert!

The band then moved into “Holland Road”, “Roll Away Your Stone”, and “Lover of Light”.  There was so much energy and love on stage that I wished so much that I could see the whole concert.  I turned around and the audience was singing, dancing, fist pumping (and this wasn’t even a metal concert).  It was truly breathtaking! I certainly hope that Mumford and Sons doesn’t wait another 10 years to come back to Tampa!


  1. Snake Eyes
  2. Little Lion Man
  3. Holland Road
  4. Roll Away Your Stone
  5. Lover of the Light
  6. Tompkins Square Park
  7. Believe
  8. Blind Leading the Blind
  9. Ghosts That We Knew
  10. Where Are You Now
  11. Awake My Soul
  12. The Cave
  13. Ditmas
  14. Dust Bowl Dance


  1. Timshel (Acoustic, with all members around one microphone)


If I Say

I Will Wait

The Wolf


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