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Canadian pop-punk band Seaway ‘vacay’ it up at The Crowbar


By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue:Crowbar, Tampa, Florida–October 12, 2017


A few weeks ago I was reminded about a  Canadian pop punk band called Seaway and thought I’d check out the video for their new single “Lula on the Beach”, which is featured in their latest album Vacation. The video is adorable, which shows the band on the beach frolicking with a weiner dog, I figured, named “Lula”. It seemed like a perky, optimistic summer song, which was exactly what I needed to listen to after the slew of hurricanes hit Florida and Puerto Rico.  The video is filmed in nostalgic, muted tones, and features the band members with various dog breeds, talks about drinks on the beach…lots of summer fun…but with a cool, alt rock melody. If you like Weezer or perhaps Green Day, you’ll love Seaway.




The Crowbar was super-packed by 7:30 p.m., which is pretty impressive, as several bands were on the roster for the evening, including Like Pacific, Grayscale, Life Lessons, and headliner,  Four Year Strong.  When I walked in, Grayscale from Philly was playing a great set. I don’t know why, possibly because the heat was building inside, but the crowd stood there, just gazing at the band. The lead singer was beckoning for the crowd to “jump” but they just stood there. Fellas, it’s not YOU. It’s the crowd. The band was performing and playing their heart out.

Like Pacific

Next up, was Like Pacific. Now, I saw these guys on the Warped Tour a year ago and they definitely can rock. There was some moshing going on in the audience so, they definitely stirred the crowd. There was plenty of action, jumping, and melodic screaming as these Canadian dudes gave their all on the small and crowded stage.

Finally, the crowd was showing enthusiasm as Seaway came onto the stage. Another photographer I was chatting with named Courtney said she had seen Seaway several times and they put on a good show. I knew I was in for a treat.

The boys from Ontario came on stage dressed very Florida-like with tropical shirts, sun shades, white pants, and white t-shirts. They were all set for a “vacation” like the title of their album.  I immediately fell in love with their infectious rhythms and energetic stage presence. The mostly male crowd gathered near the front of the stage, with arms bouncing and pointing in the air, doing the “fraternal lyric chat” as I like to call it. The guys knew all the lyrics from Vacation, which was just released on September 15, 2017.



The band appears to have two main singers which harmonize at times and definitely gave the crowd what they wanted—and then some. They were happy to be in sunny, Florida and promised to be back in January or February (a good time to escape the snow, guys).  Seaway played quite a few songs from Vacation including “London” (they were singing about London, Ontario, folks), “Apartment”, and my fav’ “Lula on the Beach.” They played the ever-popular “Airhead” from the album Colour Blind, which had me even singing the line, “Sometimes I can be a fuckin’ airhead…”OK…I think this is honesty everyone can relate to….

Toward the end of the show the guys announced their CD was on sale for $5 at the merch table. What a deal! Since I am in favor of holding a bona fide CD in my hand, I could not resist to take this bad boy home!

Thanks, Seaway, for making my evening! I cannot wait to see you in the winter when you come back to Florida!



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