Jake Bugg: the new man in black

Jake Bugg

By Desh Kapur, Rock At Night Manchester

JAKE BUGG – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall – 25th November 2017

Due to road closures and slow traffic, we arrived at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall a bit late and missed the support act Georgie, so it was a quick drink and then ready for Jake Bugg, the prolific 22 year old songwriter from Nottingham, armed with 4 albums already under his belt this young man oozes talent,

Jake Bugg

This tour was different, no band, just himself a microphone and a guitar fully stripped back and acoustic.

Considering how big the stage is at the Philharmonic Hall, there was just a chair in the middle of it surrounded by five stage lights and a microphone, all adding to the intimacy of the show,. Strolling on dressed in black confessing that he was a tad nervous due to the fact “there’s been so much musical talent come from this city…I just want to live up to the expectation” he took to his sit put down his Gin and Tonic picked up his acoustic guitar and launched into ‘Hearts That Strain’ and any worries about living up to expectations were gone, that was followed by ‘How Soon The Dawn’, of his fourth album, then into ‘Saffron’. one of his first releases and already the sold out Philharmonic Hall was mesmerized, singing along when they new the words, which to be honest was pretty much every song and we all knew we were experiencing something very special indeed,

Jake Bugg

His voice filled the venue perfectly, note perfect, his guitar so comfortable in his hands playing hook after hook, switching up tempos and slowing them down at will.

The set list was a mixture of all four albums “Slide” “There’s a Beast And We All Feed It” “Country Song”  “Southern Rain” “In The Event Of My Demise” “Waiting” “Seen It All” “Two Fingers” “Lightning Bolt”

The night ended with a richly deserved standing ovation, everything had been so perfect nothing but a guitar and his distinctive but brilliant vocals and a Gin and Tonic he owned the whole night, he left me excited to see what this talented young man will serve up in the future,

Thank you, Jake Bugg for what was one of my shows of the year.


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