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ROUSTABOUT SURVIVORS back again in concert in NEW YORK!!!


By Rosine Alleva, Journalist / Photographer – Rock At Night France, Switzerland

I met the ROUSTABOUT SURVIVORS  in Basel last year for an interview.
Since then, quite a bit happened and it’s already the second time in 6 months that they’ll be back to New York for 3 shows.

I interviewed Big Daddy Powers, Roustabout Survivors guitarist.


RAN– Great to see you again! So, I first wanna ask you, how were the last shows in New York?

BIG DADDY POWERS– It’s the renaissance of Rock n’Roll in New York and the scene is alive and well. A lot of the old acts and fans are around doing the thing again. The young fans and bands are interest, enthusiasts of that old Punk and Rock n’Roll New York scene. The young people know about the 70’s, 80’s New York sound and some of the young bands try to recreate that. Our 1st show in New York was at the Bowery Electric. We had surprisingly good turn out from fans, new and old, as well as curious young music fans that came cause they heard about the band from the old days of CBGB’s.

RAN– How did this second tour happen that soon, since the first one was last September?

BIG DADDY POWERS– We were playing at the Hank Saloon in Brooklyn, we had a similar experience than the first show, really a great night! This is where we met the promoter KIPP ELBAUM. He was very excited about our performance and said “next time you come to NY, let me promote and organise the shows”.

RAN– All right! Awesome! Where and when are you gonna play this time?

Roustabout Survivors NY dates

BIG DADDY POWERS– We have 3 shows, from January 25th to 27th, in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. The promoter organized line-ups of support act for every show. The 3 clubs are legendary places on the Rock n’ Roll scene. We are excited to be joined by founding member Gary Setzer at our show on January 27th at the Sidewalk cafe in NYC as guest vocalist.


BUCKLEYS, Valley Stream



RAN– The Alive in Atlantis album was re-released not too long ago right?

BIG DADDY POWERS– Yeah, the live album from the Atlantis has been released on every digital platform – Itunes, Spotify, Google…But for some bizarre reasons under several different names. If you want things to be done right, do it yourself and don’t entrust it to an idiot.
We’ve been working on the second ROUSTABOUT SURVIVORS album, and hope to release it soon. I’ve been working on a solo project as well which will be touring this spring. It’s called BIG DADDY POWERS & THE GIVE IT UP.

RAN– Thanks for this interview and have a great tour in NY.


Rosine Alleva
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