Didges Christ SuperDrum shines at Jannus Live – and GLOWS!

By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, Florida, February 3, 2018

I had a chance to revisit Didges Christ SuperDrum thanks to Bobaflex, and was glad of the opportunity to experince them in a much, much larger venue. Of course, every venue has trade-offs: despite some great vantage points to choose from at Jannus Live, the lighting on the drummer was terrible – sorry Caeseronius, but every angle you were pretty much blocked or unlit!

Still, it was worth it to see them perform in a larger venue and see how well they fit into this group of very eclectic supporting bands! And fit they did, the night was a rollercoaster ride from the macabre dark side with Together in Exile to the outer limits of space and time and neon theatricality with DCSD, back to supernormal-appearing Muphin Chuckrs and ending up with the power rock of Bobaflex! What a ride that night was!

And these bands were all supportive of each other in more ways than one; I saw couples with T-shirts from more than one band who I’d seen at other venues, and members of Yoshi Gish and Friends were there in the audience supporting their friends. The Tampa Bay aea, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, is home to an incredible array of talent, and several open mic nights have resulted in bands being formed and even solo acts being booked by agents making it a regular haunt to snatch new talent.

For this concert, SkyeDancer alternated with an apprentice/protege, although the two never appeared on stage at the same time. Their set was enthusiastically received by the fast-growing crowd, and the Muphin Chuckrs were set up perfectly!

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Brent Michael

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