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The Arts Club in Liverpool welcomes three hometown bands with a sold-out gig

THE NIGHT CAFÉ – The Paris Youth foundation – The Cheap Thrills

Venue: Arts club – Liverpool – February 3, 2018


The Cheap Thrills

I had never been to the Arts Club in Liverpool before, but that’s where I was going tonight to see three bands that are currently starting to make waves, To be honest I had been looking forward to this show all week and it was sold out!

First up were The Cheap Thrills, a Liverpool three-piece indie power pop band in the vein of The Wombats with a little bit of Rat Boy thrown in for good measure, and they were exciting, tight and catchy. The standout song of the night was “Sentamentality”. It’s also their new single and it’s a banger. I predict this song will make people sit up and listen if they aren’t already.

The Paris Youth Foundation

The next to take the stage were a five-piece, also from Liverpool, and just like the The Cheap Thrills they were excellent, a band full of indie anthems that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Laden with guitar hooks and intelligent lyrics and with a singer in Kevin Potter whose voice was made to listen to, The Paris Youth Foundation are a band that are going to become a household name in the not to distant future, already having friends in the right places like Huw Stevens from Radio 1, it wont be long

The Night Cafe

Then it was time for The Night Café, walking on to the stage to a sold out show in your hometown, can there be any better feeling? Having toured quite a lot with The Wombats comparisons are going to be made, but I didn’t see it. I think they have taken the classic indie guitar pop of Liverpool and made it there own, Having already released a fair few singles and 1 EP and their track “Mixed Signals, having over 1.8 million plays on Spotify, all signs are pointing to great success in 2018,

They had the crowd singing and bouncing along to nearly every song they played which is impressive in its self, throw in a bit of crowd surfing by front man Sean Martin and the night was rocking, the standout song of the night for me was “Addicted”

To finish it has to be said that tonight I saw 3 bands that are exciting and I think the future of Liverpool indie is in safe hands, 3 for 3 HATRICK!!

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