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WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 25 proves rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay!


By Lisa Bower, Rock At Night Tampa

Venue: Earthday Birthday 25–Orlando, Florida–April 21, 2018

Earthday Birthday turns 25! A quarter century of rock ‘n’ roll thanks to the folks at WJRR. I want to start out by saying what an awesome job they did this year. I think it might have been the best yet! They had a fantastic line up with heavy hitters like Seether, Bush, 3 Days Grace and Shinedown. I was able to enjoy a few bands that I hadn’t seen before such as Dead Girls Academy, 10 years & my new favorite Powerman 5000!

This year we photogs got a surprise when Chris Jericho of Fozzy invited us on stage to shoot the set! That was a highlight as typically we get three songs and out. As typical with any all-day festival, the photo pit is filled with photographers–and can get a little tense. Not with this great group of Central Florida photographers! We all have a mutual respect and friendship with each other which makes this so much more enjoyable. Again, I want to say kudos to all the staff at WJRR for putting on another kick ass show! I am ready for EDBD 26… anyone else?

Photo Gallery

All That Remains



Dead Girls Academy

10 Years



Powerman 5000



Three Days Grace


Lisa Bower
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