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Album Review: Cook Strummer’s ‘The Fall’

By Lloyd Wakeling, Rock At Night Manchester

Album Review: Cook Strummer THE FALLReleased on LOK Recordings 22nd July 2018

I have this love/hate relationship with music sometimes, hate that somehow I’ve missed out on a whole movement of artists because they are not widely played on our radios and love when I eventually find them through some accidental means, whether it be a personal recommendation or as in this case, a review of their work.

Cook Strummer is a case in point, and having heard absolutely nothing from him in the past, I listened to ‘The Fall’ with virgin ears and no expectations. This is an album you listen to. It is not a light or flimsy effort to fill space and time, no, it is emotional, hypnotic and bares its soul from beginning to end. It reaches out and slaps you hard and then runs off begging you to chase it. I found myself entranced by its beats, its longing, its heartbreak but mostly by its desperation to be noticed. It reeled me in without bait and I sat listening over and over, finding new rhythms and words, each one there for a purpose, each one there to slap you again. It is diverse and in some instances, harrowing but it is worth every second of your devotion to it and thank heavens I have now found Cook Strummer, an artist who has taken some of that silence away.



Composed, written and produced by Maxime Donnet
Recorded and Mixed by Mario Engelter at Studio K61 Berlin
Mastered by Sasse Lindblad at BlackHead Studios





Lloyd Wakeling
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The product of a there, where, everywhere lifestyle that all service families live through combined with being born into the 60's mishmash of politics, love and an anything goes era, is it any wonder I have an eclectic and varied love of all things music. Discovering the Beatles in Malaysia, Elvis and Fred Astaire in Torquay, Pink Floyd and Zeppelin at boarding school in Cornwall, Creedance in Saudi, taught me many things, but mainly the importance of the saying, 'each to their own'; nothing artistic can be is just different and after being diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome at 38 a lot about my life and outlook became much clearer to me, being a chef is what I do to earn money, being a much sold, self-obsessed artist tortures my dreams, but in all of it, music has remained my companion and as a friendly, happy companion with all of life’s memories entwined within their lyrics and melodies, things could definitely be worse…

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