Album Review: Ben Poole’s ‘Anytime You Need Me’

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Album Review: Ben Poole’s Anytime You Need Me–Release date September 14, 2018 on Manhaton Records

Ben Poole- “Dirty Laundry” Video

Blues-rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ben Poole is releasing his latest studio album Anytime You Need Me on September 14th.  The album is being released following his last critically acclaimed Time Has Come.

Rock At Night gave Ben Poole’s 13-song album a whirl and there are a variety of styles covered in the album to please everyone.  First of all, Poole’s voice is very similar to Don Henley and even Michael Jackson at times—definitely suited to pop rock music.  Actually, Poole covers “Dirty Laundry” and it is an exceptionally good rendition of the 80s classic.  This was a great choice to cover as I always enjoy when an artist gives his or her own spin to a song.

Ben Poole. Photo by Adam Kennedy

“Anytime You Need Me” and “You Could Say” have a rock-funk influence going on with the hand-slapping bass lines, guitar solos, and a very catchy (and danceable) sound.  In fact, you might find yourself dancing to a lot of these songs like “Take It No More” and “Start the Car.”   Probably my favorite song and a good contender as the next single is “Found Out the Hard Way” with its catchy, ear-worm chorus and harmonies. It has almost an 80s rock music feel, which a lot of the songs have—real lyrics, real guitar work, and uplifting melodies one can singalong with—and feel good!

Traditional blues fans may feel the album is not bluesy enough, but those that enjoy alt rock, or pop rock, or indie music, will certainly appreciate Poole’s songwriting talent, smooth singing, and infectious choruses.

You can catch Ben Poole on Tour in the UK this Fall:



Latest Music Bar, Brighton                           Wednesday 21 November

The Stables, Milton Keynes                        Thursday 22 November

Old Schoolhouse, Barnsley                         Friday 23 November

The Meeting Room, Elland                          Saturday 24 November

The Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst         Wednesday 28 November

Oran Mor, Glasgow                                        Thursday 29 November

Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen                     Friday 30 November

The Green Hotel, Kinross                            Saturday 1 December

Früit, Hull                                                           Wednesday 5 December

Real Time Live, Chesterfield                      Thursday 6 December

The Ropewalk, Barton upon Humber     Friday 7 December

Half Moon Putney, London                         Wednesday 12 December

The Musician, Leicester                                Thursday 13 December

The Railway, Winchester                             Saturday 15 December

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