Album Review: Richard Ashcroft’s ‘Natural Rebel’

By Andrew Everley, Journalist & Desh Kapur, Photographer-Rock At Night Manchester

Richard Ashcroft – “Natural Rebel”-Released October 19, 2018

Richard Ashcroft

Having witnessed Richard Ashcroft first-hand opening for Liam Gallagher a few weeks back, the first thing I thought was that he seemed to be in a good place, sounding and looking great! The tracks ‘All My Dreams ‘ & `Birds Fly` off his new album Natural Rebel, his fifth solo album to date, confirmed my suspicions. Guitar driven with superb melodies and sang the only way he knows how with plenty of soul and substance.

While you listen, Ashcroft has this knack of taking you on your own little journey. For those three or four minutes you are immersed in his world and his words. Speaking of the new LP Ashcroft said: “With experience comes knowledge and for me this is my strongest set of songs to date.

Richard Ashcroft

“All my favourite sounds distilled into something that will hopefully give my fans lasting pleasure.”

The first single off the album is `Surprised by the Joy` and it’s a standout tune. I can’t help but get a George Harrison even Neil Diamond vibe from this song. Ashcroft sounds like his joy for writing songs has returned and we have an album full of them. All of the songs off the album are penned by the former The Verve front man, sticking two fingers up to the doubters, which includes Noel Gallagher, who recently accused Ashcroft of having “an army of songwriters behind him.” Armed with a solid album filled with pomp and bravado and a back catalogue of classics he certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Natural Rebel is Ashcroft’s best set of songs since his debut solo album Alone with Everybody. Hopefully, the public will agree and he can sail the wave back to the top and continue to do what he is meant to do, writing music that matters.


 Richard Ashcroft – “Surprised By The Joy”

Natural Rebel Track List:

  1. ‘All My Dreams’
  2. ‘Birds Fly’
  3. ‘Surprised By The Joy’
  4. ‘That’s How Strong’
  5. ‘Born To Be Strangers’
  6. ‘That’s When I Feel It’
  7. ‘We All Bleed’
  8. ‘A Man in Motion’
  9. ‘Streets of Amsterdam’
  10. ‘Money Money


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