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Album Review: Wille & The Bandits ‘Paths’

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Album Review: Wille & The Bandit’s Paths–Release date Friday, February 1, 2019–Fat Toad Records and distribution by Proper

Rocking trio Wille & The Bandits’ new album Paths will be released on February 1, 2019 through Fat Toad Records.  After hearing the single “Find May Way”, with its hard-driving classic rock feel, we at Rock At Night were eager to listen to the rest of the album!

Wille & The Bandits appear to have hit exploratory territory in this album, which features blues-rock or classic rock sounds but ventures into alt rock, World Beat, and even hip hop influences—all, with a distinct, infectious groove delivered by electric guitar or slide guitar, courtesy of Willie Edwards.

Political protests are loud in clear in the swampy blues-rock song “One Way”, which discusses hatred, as W&TB’s ask, “Why can’t we treat everyone compassionately?”  Another politically-tinged song “Make Love” has a groovin’ rock riff and almost a retro 60s feel, harking to the days of “Make Love, Not War”.

Two songs which had a New-Agey/World Beat feel are “Chakra” and “Watch You Grow.”  Possibly one of my favorite songs on the album is “Keep It On the Down-Low” with its swampy blues-rock riffs, sing-along chorus, and almost a hip-hop Millennial feel to the song.  “How Long” sounds very alt-rockish and slightly grungey with cool  harmonies as it pays homage to Chris Cornell’s passing.  Another stand-out song is “Retribution” which features an Allmanesque, Southern rock groove, as it criticizes the short-sightedness of government and corporations in protecting our planet. What is a rock album without an epic ballad—and Paths definitely features a beautiful ballad with gentle cello accompaniment called “Four Million Days”.

Overall, Wille and The Bandits will not disappoint as it solidifies its blues-rock sound and explores other musical areas along the “paths”.

Willie & The Bandits

THE BAND: Wille Edwards (lead vocals, guitars, Dobro, electric Weissenborn), Matt Brooks (bass, cello, backing vocals), Andrew Naumann (drums, djembes, congas, Jews Harp, backing vocals).


Track Listing:

One Way

Make Love

Victim of the Night

Four Million Days


Keep It on the Down-low

Judgement Day

How Long

Find My Way

Watch You Grow


Catch Wille & The Bandits on Tour in the UK!


New Breed (2010), Breakfree (2012), Grow (2013), Steal (2017), LIviing Free LIVE (2018) and Paths (2019)





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