Album review: The Zombies ‘Still Got That Hunger’

The Zombies

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Album Review: The Zombies Still Got That Hunger–The End Records

The Zombies

The year 2019 is definitely going to be “their year” for The Zombies, who will be finally be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on March 29th.  After four nominations, the induction is way overdue for original members Colin Blunstone, Hugh Grundy, Rod Argent, Chris White, and the late Paul Atkinson.  The band had a slew of hits in America, which started in 1964 with “She’s Not There” and the song “Time of the Season” really marks the feel of the whole psychedelic “free-love” 60s.  The band has been heavily touring the last couple of years—and sounds better than ever. Rock At Night had the honor of covering their gig in Clearwater, Florida last year—and looks forward to their return to the city tomorrow.

The landmark album Odessey and Oracle is a near perfect album with its lush melodies and spot-on harmonies. It frequently has repeated play in my revolving CD tray (yes, I still have one so I may listen to music throughout the house).  What people may not realize is The Zombies reformed in the 1990s and continued to produce albums into the Millennium.

The last Zombies album, Still Got That Hunger, was released in 2015. I recently decided to give it a whirl and here is my take on the album:

If one listens to Still Got That Hunger, do not expect to hear the psych Brit pop of the 1960s.  The album still features the gorgeous voice of Colin Blunstone but the style shows maturity and an evolution of the band.

“Moving On”, “Chasing the Past”, “Maybe Tomorrow”, and “And We Were Young Again” sound jazzy and feature harmonies in the vein of Steeley Dan.  There’s lots of cool keyboard riffs from Argent and the romantic voice of Blunstone.

“Edge of the Rainbow” has a bluesy, nostalgic feel as does an updated version of “I Want You Back Again”, from Odessey and Oracle.

The autobiographical “New York” is a very rocking, and upbeat 60s style song, which describes “the land of Miles and Elvis…Jerry Lee and Ray”.  The Zombies pay homage to America saying,

Now I played so many times
Since nineteen sixty four
In cities all across the land
From shore to distant shore

Another stand-out song on the album is “Now I Know I’ll Never Get Over You” from Colin Blunstone’s solo album The Ghost of You and Me.  The song laments over lost love,

Don’t leave me now
Not after all this time
We can work it out
Now I know I’ll never get over you

Fans of The Zombies and quality songwriting should give Still Got That Hunger listen. And of course, do try to catch the band on tour in America. The band is currently in Florida, will be in Texas soon, and will play a couple of gigs in London before making their way to New York City for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.


Moving On, Chasing the Past, Eduge of the Rainbow, New York, I Want You Back Again, And We Were Young Again, Maybe Tomorrow, Now I Know I’ll Never Get Over You, Little One, Beyond the Borderline




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