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Album Review: The Faim – State of Mind

THE FAIM – State of Mind

State of Mind

Album Review by Lloyd Wakeling

“With A Twist And A Smile”
Music at its essence, must always, in my humble opinion, be fun and The Faim and their new album State of Mind stick to that adage perfectly. Rock that takes itself too seriously can sometimes be a little patronising to say the least, so it is always good to get back to the basics of what music is all about, guitars, keyboards, drums and someone who can sing a bit. This collection of tracks never ventures from its premise and delivers an easy listening, foot tapping array of well produced songs that openly spout that desire to just enjoy the simplicity of music, without any hidden agenda. Heavily influenced by the American rock of the noughties and beyond, this album still manages to add a nuance to those reflections with a twist and a smile that is cleverly modern yet subtle and careful. The more you listen, the more you find in this album and for me it delivered on its promise that all it is, is a State of Mind.

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Lloyd Wakeling
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The product of a there, where, everywhere lifestyle that all service families live through combined with being born into the 60's mishmash of politics, love and an anything goes era, is it any wonder I have an eclectic and varied love of all things music. Discovering the Beatles in Malaysia, Elvis and Fred Astaire in Torquay, Pink Floyd and Zeppelin at boarding school in Cornwall, Creedance in Saudi, taught me many things, but mainly the importance of the saying, 'each to their own'; nothing artistic can be is just different and after being diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome at 38 a lot about my life and outlook became much clearer to me, being a chef is what I do to earn money, being a much sold, self-obsessed artist tortures my dreams, but in all of it, music has remained my companion and as a friendly, happy companion with all of life’s memories entwined within their lyrics and melodies, things could definitely be worse…

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