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Chatting with Glenn Stewart and Lindsey Pittard of Victims of Circumstance

By Anita Stewart-Rock At Night Pittsburgh


Victims of Circumstance “FIVE”

Rock at Night got to sit down and chat with Glenn Stewart, the drummer and Lindsey Pittard, the bassist of Victims of Circumstance, a ska/punk band that calls Clearwater, Florida (Tampa Bay) home. With 15 years together, their upcoming release is their 5th studio recording–appropriately called “Five” or “V” that will drop on January 24th, 2020 (review is HERE and press release is HERE). The number 5 seems to be their lucky number and 2020 will be a very hopeful and visionary year for the band with perhaps an upcoming tour in Europe to celebrate 15 years together.

This interview was a lot of fun! Glenn and Lindsey gave a brief history of the band, how they formed (very few band changes to the lineup over the years), how the band uses a collaborative process to write their songs, venues they like to play, artists that inspire them and more about the ska/punk genre. We also spoke about beer and breweries as these are the most popular venues happening right now. Hit them up on Spotify and the socials! And click on the play button below to listen to some lively and engaging conversation.

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