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I grew up in a house full of music, and took piano lessons for two years. Took up violin in Junior High. I played in the school orchestra for a short time. Got my Mother to buy an electric guitar in 10th grade, and in 12th grade formed my first band Bite. I played in a number of original music bands (The Look, The Shades, Perfect Strangers, The Petal Pushers and The Lears (in Orlando). The Shades had a 45 released in 1980, The Lears had numerous releases throughout the world including a CD on Get Hip Records in 2000. I put out my own punk fanzine called Useless Information from 1977 - 1980. A total of 4 issues. I also did a garage/pop & psychedelic magazine called Kaleidoscope from 1986 - 1991. Again, for a total of 4 issues. The first two with flexi discs and the last two with compilation albums with unreleased tracks by bands talked about in that issue. I also released an album of 60's Italian garage/pop & psychedelia, and wrote a column "DD's Garage" for Bucketfull of Brains magazine in England for 12 years.