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The Maension

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By Andrea Ramirez, Rock At Night Philadephia Correspondent

Venue:  Alma Mater, Philadelphia- RÆVOLUTIONworldTOUR‬-The Maension

Andrea_The Maension-August 2016
Andrea and The Maension in the tour bus

It has been a year since Rock At Night has caught up with Hollywood-based alt-metal band The Maension.  In fact, when Rock At Night began producing podcast “hybrid” articles which are featured on the website as well as Rock At Night’s iTunes Channel, The Maension was the FIRST interview. So, yes, this August is our anniversary of what we hope will be a tradition as we catch up with them around the world!

In this short interview which took place in The Maension’s tour bus,  The Maension discussed their recent trek from L.A. , up the West Coast, through Canada to New England, and now down to Philadelphia. If we are lucky, we will be able to catch them again in Florida or perhaps in Europe or even Australia within the next year.

The Maension just finished their third album RÆVOLUTION, which has not be released yet.  Other news from the band is they are on their Second World Tour and hope to play in 15 countries on four continents.  One can expect to see a huge visual show (as Mark Maension notes “a light show…pretty intense energy”).

Check out the interview and also see the highlights of their show in Philadelphia.

The Maension:  Mark Maension, Skye Maension, Sjoerd Boom and Kal Reid.



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